Do customers leave your website after a few seconds? Is your Brand not Globally Consistent?Are you so ingrained in the complexities of your business that you struggle with telling one simple story that will resonate with your target audience? Does your marketing campaign fall flat?

  1. Does your team not take Brand Integrity seriously? Are they unmotivated?
  2. Do you struggle to stand out in a competitive market?   
  3. Is your brand outdated?

What you will gain from the school:

  1. Learn how to create irresistible website headlines that constantly engage customers 
  2.  Equip everyone on your team to use the same language when they talk about your business and foster curiosity to learn more
  3. With our guide, you’ll finally have a clear message you can feel confident in  
  4. Our methodology has proven to get huge results (more customers and revenue) for businesses who implement their new message in their marketing. 
  5. Reenergize your team members and existing customers 
  6.  Learn the core structure of a brand blueprint to help you create marketing that works

"Christi has an almost uncanny ability to deeply listen and understand an idea from it's infancy. What started as the spark of a thought—The Wildling— blossomed as she led me into a process of finding and hearing what my project wanted from me. Words became images, and the two married into a profoundly cohesive brand. I believe her design speaks for itself: singular, rare, inventive, and completely intuitive. The Wildling now lives in a visual space that carries its essence both emotionally and artistically in one fell swoop. Thank you, Christi.”

- Megan Kaplan, Founder

Your Effective Marketing Blueprint

4 “Quick Win” steps to create Compelling Brand Messaging that inspires prospects to purchase.

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Hi, I’m Christi Williford

Elemental Studio in Minneapolis is the brainchild of wild-child strategist and designer Christi Williford. With more than 20 years of communication design and brand strategy experience under her belt, Christi walks the talk. Having worked for global giants and solopreneurs, big businesses and tiny nonprofits, she brings an impressive level of experience to bear on every project she tackles. (And she tackles them all with equal glee and excitement.)

Raised by an artist father and scientist mother, Christi's upbringing taught her the value of balance. As she pursued her degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Georgia, and later cut her teeth in the edgy San Francisco arts scene, she realized her brain worked on two interconnected paths. She was able to be both an artist and an executor, providing outstanding design and shrewd strategy to her clients.

Christi has worked as an art director and senior designer for companies including Julep Beauty, Inc., Airborne Express, Starbucks, Wunderman, Seattle, and Rachel Greenhouse Agency. Her freelance clients have included Talking Rain, Microsoft, and DHL.